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Photography as a Site-Specific Ghost

Photo: Mark Yokoyama, 2001-2011

Some time ago I was writing about the authorship and site-specificity of a photographic image—about the possibility to return the images to the places where they have been taken as opposed to the cultural norm of them to be appropriated by an author and taken away from the context. And here is an interesting example of how the photographic picture is being brought back to the place to belong there in the form of another picture. The simplicity, impressive visuality and symbolic tension of this process makes it accessible to a wide public use, which is apparent in this example. This kind of application creates an obvious nostalgic/sentimental quality, but that still might be an interesting case of a grassroots creativity.

The result of such a double mediation is an inevitable tension between the referent of the original picture and its original context at the moment when the next photo is taken. Needless to say, that there can be numerous layers in such a process, enriching the media of photography with completely different dimentions.

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