A multi-discipline platform of a London based Lithuanian artist/commentator/musician/illustrator Tomas Čiučelis

BA and pending MA in Photography and Media Art (Vilnius Academy of Arts, LT).



Places personal and public:
www.tciucelis.com – as a performing guitarist (EN)
www.youtube.com/tomcajus – profile dedicated to music, culture, etc. (EN)
www.youtube.com/tomasciucelis – profile for my “CON-TXT-ART” projects (EN)
www.artnews.lt – look for my articles (LT)
www.karasas.lt – co-author of an experimental community network for the post-soviet identity research (LT/RU)
http://ilfandpetrov.wordpress.com – transcultural, post-soviet, retrofuturistic creative explosion of Jurij Dobriakov & Tomas Čiučelis (RU)

Check out my translations:
Noam Chomsky, “Hegemony or Survival” (“Hegemonija arba išlikimas”, Kitos knygos, 2011)
Lev Manovich, “Language Of New Media” (“Naujųjų medijų kalba”, VšĮ MENE, 2010)
Michael Wright, “Digital Photography” (“Skaitmeninė fotografija”, Alma Littera, 2009)
…and also articles by various media theoreticians and art practitioners (Lev Manovich, Geert Lovink, Mara Traumane, Maria Lind, etc.) in www.balsas.cc (LT)

The blog: timeline highlights

::TOMCHATTER:: transformed — Jan 24, 2011

New design and systemic structural changes. The blog is being shaped as a personal multi-discipline platform. More user-friendly, more concise and journal-like.

::TOMCHATTER:: transformed — June  1, 2010

The time has come to make a change and rethink all previous work and its role in my life. This year I officially launched my new career as an illustrator (while remaining a culture commentator) and went for some wider cultural (and linguistic) context. Some of the texts are in English from now on.

::TOMCHATTER:: started — Oct. 3, 2006

All articles, projects, critics and comments were devoted to culture in Lithuania and media studies. All this time I was concentrated on my work mainly as a conceptual artist, translator and culture critic. All texts were in Lithuanian.


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  1. maantas says:

    might be its temporary but seems u have a dead link to:
    http://www.karasas.lt in your pages footer, under friends.
    (and erase this comment :)

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