ABCEHKMOPT v.1 (text art installation)

This Flash movie loop is meant to be installed as a video projection for a site-speciffic installation.

The work was inspired by the official Soviet Russian lingo, which flourished in all beaurocratic and cultural structures of ex-USSR. Such lingo was structured around the abbreviated words, obsessively used by nomenclature, while the unofficial usage often had an absurd and perverse side to it (for example, ПИС-ДОМ – i.e., “Писательский дом”, the Writers-Union Department, which in such an abbreviation can be understood as an “urination house”, or even worse).

Thus, presented here as a neologism, the word “ABCEHKMOPT” makes sense only to soviet/post-soviet russian-speakers. The meaning itself is obscure and not fixed: the word is meant to be interpreted individually by recognizing various semantic fragments of possible Russian abbreviations; for example: А(БСУРДНО) ВСЕН(АРОДНАЯ) К(УЛЬТУРНАЯ) МОРТ(ИФИКАЦИЯ), etc.

The structure of this abbreviated word is defined by a Lithuanian alphabet which is filtered by using only the letters that are common with Cyrillic alphabet. So, by a mere coincidence, Lithuanian alphabet contains a clearly identifiable Russian lingo word which I present here as a critical reference to political and historical issues within the Lithuanian culture regarding nationalism and identity. The reference is modeled as a notion of some indelible, abstract, traumatic Russian “ingredient” inside the very core of Lithuanian consciousness and language – i.e., the Lithuanian alphabet.

© Tomas Čiučelis, 2009

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