Mr. Sinister Minister

And now it’s time for Andrius Kubilius, Lithuanian Prime minister. Oh, lithuanians do have some strong feelings about this guy, don’t they? But I won’t go into political speculations. I’ll just add that he is truly one of those most distinctive characters of our time, at least in the visual sense — with such a lineament you just can’t be unnoticed by all political illustrators in the country, regardless how much talent they have.

Those of you, who know the guy — I think you’ll agree, that his character fits quite well in these mystical, pseudo-religious fantasmic contexts. At least, I have this desire to see the perverse, uncanny side (but not a vulgar side) of any heroic persona, which Kubilius definitely is — just look at all these headlines – “Europes Unsung Heroes“, “Kubilius: Lithuania economy ‘stabilising’“… Anyway. Some lithuanians call him an “alien” and Mr. A.Kubilius proudly accepts that. Well, and my job is to take all this into consideration.

The illustration appeared in IQ. The Economist, #1 [May 2010].

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